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FEBRUARY 18, 2016
FEBRUARY 08, 2016
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FEBRUARY 01, 2016
JANUARY 13, 2016

How to Fix .bashrc Not Loading In OSX


This article describes how to make sure your .bashrc is loaded with new tabs or terminals in OSX.

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JANUARY 02, 2016
DECEMBER 28, 2015
DECEMBER 23, 2015
DECEMBER 21, 2015
DECEMBER 14, 2015
DECEMBER 07, 2015
OCTOBER 27, 2015

How to Reset a Forgotten MySQL Root Password


This technique came in handy after I forgot the root password to the MySQL installation. Requires sudo access though.

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OCTOBER 08, 2015

Install & Setup PostgreSQL on Ubuntu


Learn how to install and setup PostgreSQL on Ubuntu. I also show a couple of good tips to make it easier to get into the psql console.

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OCTOBER 06, 2015

How to Setup Passwordless SSH & Disable Password SSH


Learn how to setup passwordless SSH by generating SSH keys & How to protect your server against brute force attacks by disabling passwords on SSH.

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OCTOBER 05, 2015

Change the Default Index Page for your Apache Web Server


I wanted to change the default index page for my Apache web server to add some links and change the look. Here’s how to change it to use any html file your specify.

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

Fix Corrupted System Fonts In Ubuntu


In GNOME shell my Ubuntu machine occassionaly seems to get corrupt system fonts which result in some weird unicode characters being shown where the corrupt letters are. Here’s I describe a simple command to fix this.

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2015

Setting Proxy Variables in BASH


At one point I tussled with some proxies. Turns out theres a small quirk in settings the *_proxy variables in BASH.

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2015

Nginx Not Running With No Errors


When I was initially setting up my Nginx server I was having trouble getting it started due to a syntax error, turns out Nginx has a built in syntax checker for the config file.

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